Student Testimonials

Here are some student comments on their experiences at the Academy
"I have really enjoyed the courses, I have enjoyed coming to Utopia, I have learned a lot Sharon has been great. I have recommended the courses to other people" Jenny, 47
"Doing the course in Utopia was the best option for me instead of going to college, because its amazing and I have learned so much, Sharon is a really good teacher." Sam, 17
"Best thing I could have done, thoroughly enjoying the course. Sharon is very supportive & encouraging" Angharad, 23
"Really enjoy the course I am doing, I find some of the units a good challenge and the course is also helping to boost my confidence & meet new people" Tammy, 16
"I'm really enjoying the beauty course at Utopia. One of the best decisions I have made was to come here. Everyone is really friendly and welcoming, I have learned so much and have grown in confidence thanks to this course" Lowri, 19
"I'm really enjoying the beauty course at Utopia. The staff & everyone are friendly and there is always a relaxed atmosphere. The course moves at a good pace which is great" Sam, 19
"I'm having a great time here at Utopia doing the hair & beauty course. Everyone here is friendly and the course is very interesting and a lot of fun." Maddie, 15
I'm really enjoying the hair & beauty course. The staff are all really helpful & nice. I love coming out of school and doing something I enjoy! Ffion, 14
"Staff are nice at Utopia. I enjoy hair & beauty abd coming to Utopia from school" Sarah, 18
"Really like the course I am doing, the course is good because its what I want to do when I leave school. The practical is always interesting and the staff are really nice and make the course even better!" Shannon, 15
"I enjoy coming to Utopia, when I first came I was unsure if I wanted to do Hair & Beauty but now I think this is what I want to do when I leave school" Lily, 16
"I enjoy coming to Utopia, I enjoy doing make-up and hair. Everyone is friendly and its nice to come out of school and learn new things." Lucy, 14
"Its really fun coming to Utopia and doing hair & Make-up, and its good we get to do it with our school friends" Zoe, 14
"I really enjoy coming here I think its a good course and gives me a big opportunity to help choose what I want to do in the future" Keri-Anne, 15
"I like coming here and learning how to do hair & beauty course properly and I like how we've had the chance to do it as an option as people in the past have not" Rozanna, 15
"I think being able to do hair & beauty in school is a really good start when you leave school. I like coming here its fun" Jade, 14
"I have really enjoyed because the practical is really good and the staff are really nice" Zara, 16
"I have loads of fun doing this and the staff are good fun, I recommend it to anyone who wants to do it" Jaydee, 15
"Its a really nice salon not the type you feel uncomfortable in, all the staff are very friendly. I love doing the hair & beauty course as its always been my hobbie and its amazing to do it in school!" Zanii, 15
"I am glad I had the chance to do hair & beauty because I enjoy it, I do prefer hair to beauty but its still fun thanks to Sharon. I haven't quite decided if I'll do it in the future. The staff are really nice and pleasant to work with" Catherine, 15
"I enjoy doing this course in Utopia because its different to being in classroom & I love doing make-up" Teri, 15
I really enjoy coming to Utopia and studying the Beauty course it was a much better choice for me instead of college. All the staff & students are lovely and everyone gets on well. you get all the help & support you need. Its great here!" Lucy, 17
best decision I made was to come here, I've learned so much and had a great time with lovely people. Sharon is such a good tutor and very encouraging. Love it!" Lowri, 18
"coming to Utopia as a mature student, I was, to begin with a little worried about how I would get on, as it had been some years since I was in a learning environment. I had no need to worry..... my time at The Academy has been fantastic (life changing for me as this was a complete career change). Sharon is a patient, motivational teacher who manages to pull together all different learning needs and makes the course fun & enjoyable. Utopia Academy is a great place to learn with great facilities for Hair & Beauty courses. My time here has come to an end and I will be sorry to leave but I go out into the beauty industry with great confidence" Rachel, 40